incense sticks manufacturers in india

Incense Sticks Exporters in India

Charu perfumery house, with the aid of expertise has produced a diversified range of fragrance products to cater for the needs of every customer. The products encompass quality and eco-friendly ingredients which enhance purity, positivity and cleanse the room atmosphere without a trail of negative energy. Charu perfumery house has manufactured a wide variety of products such as Incense sticks, Dhoop collections, cone collections, flora sticks and pouches which radiate positive energy.

Charu perfumery house is one of the leading Joss Stick exporters and manufacturer in india.We as a agarbatti suppliers putting the best effort to reach our customers 100% satisfaction. Charu perfumery house has carefully imbibed the ancient culture and innovative aromatic technology to manufacture Incense Stick(Agarbatti).Charu perfumery house has produced an umpteen range of joss sticks of different flavors.

The popularly used Agarbatti in religious centers, homes, offices etc. are made with a bio-friendly product with different perfumed flavors.Incense sticks spread its aroma all over the house, it gets filled with the energy, as if blessing every corner with purity.