Since ancient times, India has had a rich tradition of using incense sticks on many auspicious occasions. Incense sticks have had acceptance since Vedic times and have found mention in the Atharvaveda and Rigveda. They are also known as agarbatti, which is derived from the Sanskrit word agaravarthi (agar means aroma and varthi means wound). Incense sticks enhance the experience of meditation through their aroma. Agarbattis convey the image of a temple and a shrine in the mind of an Indian devotee. The sacred perfume emanating from incense sticks changes the whole atmosphere of a place of worship. Incense sticks have been an important element in the performance of religious rites. The purposes of incense sticks are to spread fragrance, to unwind one self’s generosity and mindfulness, deep concentration while meditation, reducing stress anxiety, opening the doors to the pureness of spirituality, aid to sound sleep, to clear negative energy and to incorporate fire element into the rituals. Incense sticks are a vital part of any Hindu ritual. They remove unpleasant odors and purify the atmosphere for sacred rituals.

COVID-19 a big tremor to the entire world and to all the industries across the entire globe resulting into a massive pandemic. Nobody has been able to save themselves from this deadly disease that has been rapidly spreading across all over. The outbreak of this virus began from China and then has spread all over the world within no time. This situation has caused a bizarre situation in the hospitals, the stock markets have hit their lowest and the human race lives in constant fears. The virus has taught everyone the minimum requirements of living and the importance of natural purity. This has explained the human race the heights of usage of artificial intelligence.

The corona period of Indian Agarbatti industry has begun earlier during the month of August because of the increase of duties on the bamboo sticks. Dependence on bamboo sticks is still on the country through imports. This turned out to be a huge problem to the industry. After the deadly pandemic begun, the employment crisis, price of raw materials has increased, salesman cannot tour for marketing, transportation interstate and exports are on standstill, arrears in the financial department and ban on worship and mass religious places. Everything was on halt and without any idea of commencement.

As agarbatti being a symbol of divine reverence, divine miracle to be restored to its simple and original form. Thus, the commencement was initiated with plenty of safety measures. The laborer is mandatory asked to wear the masks at all time of work, transportation was provided to avoid public contraction, sanitization as they enter factory premises, temperature checking while entering and exiting the premises as well as oximeter checking, social distancing while work and regular sanitizing of all the members and all places. Everyone was valuing one another and maintaining utmost care while working. This pandemic has bought about many changes in the daily routine of the entire human race. The “new normal” has sunk into everyone and the industry have begun to run. Every measure has been taken to maintain the utmost safety. As agarbatti defines the purpose of divinity, purity, and spirituality, thus is the beginning to “new normal” at a whole new level with the drive of hard work and the enthusiasm to work with high spirits.